Why is this site here?

I'm a troubleshooter by trade, which means I like to play games, solve puzzles, and accomplish challenges. Over time I've collected a bunch of these, and I'm trying to put them all together in one place. (This is my second...err... third attempt. I'm easily distracted.) I also like to learn new things so letting other people play and beat my puzzles is a great way to meet very smart people who have new challenges for me to solve.

Where does it all come from?

The challenges come from all over. A lot of them are pretty old. Some of them are REALLY old. All of the ones I list on my site are problems I've solved in one variation or another somewhere. I either came up with it, recoded it, or integrated what I found. I try to list where I find things after you complete the challenge, so as not to give away the answers to easily.

There are LOTS of puzzles and challenges out there I have yet to finish, feel free to shoot me any you've run across. For website details, code references, etc. please visit the credits page.

How do I play / How do I create an account?

You start here, pick a challenge, and then solve it. (If you're really lazy, I suppose you could click this link.) You'll be asked to create an account after you give the right answer. Once you've solved a challenge and created an account, you can then use that same account when you solve other challenges to collect points. Points are assigned based upon the challenge rating. (1 through 10) If you forget the password you used for your account, you can reset it here. If you need to reset your email or pseudo, you can send me the change and I'll update it manually. (I'll have this integrated into the account management page soon.)

What's with the ColdFusion?

I can't help it. I really really really like coding in it. Weirdly relaxing. This site can and does run PHP, and I've got a couple of .NET servers I'll bring online as I have time. They'll come online slowly, as I have to do my real job most of the time... :^{

Can I cheat?

Sure dude. Go to town. I'd love it if you tell me how you did it, so I can make another puzzle out of it. You can't be pissed at me for fixing it afterwards tho. For error reports, etc. please use the contact form.

Do you do this for a living?

Kinda, but not really. Certainly not as much as I'd like. I fix things.

What do I get if I beat them? (What do I get if I beat them all?)

The joy of accomplishment, and points that translate into very little. That's about it. If you beat a bunch of them, I'll prolly send you an email, tell you how cool you are and try to make you give me more puzzles. I'm not very tactful.

WeChall is a hub site (with a bunch of tasty challenges of its own) that also integrates us all into one great big ranking system. If you enjoy this site, you should consider checking them out as well.

Wixxerd? Doesn't that mean something terrible?

I've used it for so long now, it feels like my name regardless of whatever else it might mean. I've been told in at least one other language it means something pretty awful. I think I'm OK with that.

Really!? Black, Green and White?

I like it. Feel free to send me a style sheet you think I'll like better. Until then, I suggest squinting.

There are currently 90 challenges, with a maximum possible value of 354 points.

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