Additional Challenges

A lot of the challenges from my old site need to be recoded. I either compiled them for older versions of windows / linux, they're 8 or 16-bit (which in a way can add to the challenge), or they were coded in a language that I want to change. (A few I'll leave in the language, and deploy servers to run them.)

These will come online as I have time to redo them. I also have yet to deploy any of my "real" networking challenges, as I'm still trying to wrap my head around how I'm going to implement pieces of this.

I expect this to always be a "toDo" as I'm constantly finding new challenges and games I'd like to implement.

Account Management

The account page will eventually let you change your email address and pseudo. Currently it can only handle password changes. I'll get on this as soon as I can.


I've finally implemented the login, but need to integrate it with the success system as well as the challenge displays. (Things like, "challenges I've yet to beat", etc.) This shouldn't be a huge lift, but will take me a bit to have the time. So, for now, the login does almost exactly $h!%!! ..but, it will happily accept your password and tell you how many points you have. (UPDATE : Completed challenges now show up in light green.)


It's gettin' about that time. The hackers page is starting to take a while to load. I'll add in the variables, and have you guys injection test them here after a while.

New Challenge Notifications

I've been relying on WeChall to provide notifications at the moment, but eventually I will provide an email component to notify you of new challenges if you so desire. This will be implemented on the account page.

Tougher Captcha

My Captcha-thingie isn't the most complex, and is defeatable. My goal is really to just reduce automated scripts emailing me garbage, or creating oodles of accounts, so it's been working for now. Eventually I will make it tougher, but they kinda annoy me. I'll prolly have to make it interesting, so it's on the back burner.

Comments and Suggestions

I'm always interested in hearing new ideas for content and challenges. Have something you'd like me to implement? Let me know by sending me a message.

There are currently 90 challenges, with a maximum possible value of 354 points.

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