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Return to sender
Pronto 2 points 02.21.18 03:55:42
Selecting the right OS
Pronto 3 points 02.21.18 03:25:44
Reversing the application III
maf-ia 5 points 02.20.18 21:17:35
Reversing the application I
maf-ia 5 points 02.20.18 21:06:43

Total points earned : 15

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There are currently 90 challenges, with a maximum possible value of 354 points.

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2 hackers solved 9 challenges in 48 hours
A curious escape by Pronto
Logic Cubed by Pronto
Oink Oink by Pronto
New wave gibberish by Pronto
Crackerjack Encryption by Pronto
Reversing the application I by maf-ia
Reversing the application III by maf-ia
Selecting the right OS by Pronto
Return to sender by Pronto

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