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Challenge Difficulty Date
Computer Talk
Pretty dang easy (3) 10/26/2017  03:32:35 PM
What's that say? I
Just plain silly (1) 10/26/2017  03:34:33 PM
What's that say? II
Just plain silly (1) 10/26/2017  03:44:48 PM
What's that say? III
Just plain silly (1) 10/26/2017  03:47:34 PM
What's that say? IV
Just plain silly (1) 10/26/2017  03:51:26 PM
What's that say? V
Just plain silly (1) 10/26/2017  03:55:49 PM
Poking Around I
Easy as pie (2) 10/26/2017  03:59:55 PM
Poking Around II
Easy as pie (2) 10/26/2017  04:01:37 PM
Score : 12 points 03.39% complete

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What's that say? I
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1 hacker solved 20 challenges this week
What's that say? III by BluntSam
What's that say? I by BluntSam
What's that say? IV by BluntSam
What's that say? V by BluntSam
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