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Challenge Difficulty Date
Selecting the right OS
Pretty dang easy (3) 10/10/2012  04:10:29 PM
Julius's Key
Pretty dang easy (3) 10/10/2012  04:28:18 PM
Poking Around VI
Pretty dang easy (3) 10/10/2012  04:29:59 PM
Where ya coming from?
Pretty dang easy (3) 10/10/2012  04:32:42 PM
Poking Around V
Pretty dang easy (3) 10/10/2012  04:34:13 PM
What's that say? III
Just plain silly (1) 10/10/2012  06:01:30 PM
What's that say? I
Just plain silly (1) 10/10/2012  06:02:36 PM
What's that say? II
Just plain silly (1) 10/10/2012  06:04:10 PM
Computer Talk
Pretty dang easy (3) 10/10/2012  06:06:58 PM
Pretty dang easy (3) 10/10/2012  06:16:49 PM
A curious escape
Pretty dang easy (3) 10/21/2012  09:38:19 PM
A different method
Pretty dang easy (3) 10/21/2012  09:59:33 PM
Base 8^2
Pretty dang easy (3) 10/21/2012  10:03:31 PM
Calculate quickly
Functioning brain required (4) 10/21/2012  11:06:31 PM
Encoding is not Encryption
Functioning brain required (4) 10/21/2012  11:32:17 PM
What's that say? IV
Just plain silly (1) 10/21/2012  11:42:07 PM
What's that say? V
Just plain silly (1) 10/21/2012  11:43:19 PM
I came, I saw, I encrypted
Easy as pie (2) 10/21/2012  11:46:14 PM
Poking Around I
Easy as pie (2) 10/21/2012  11:47:10 PM
Poking Around II
Easy as pie (2) 10/21/2012  11:47:55 PM
What goes there?
Easy as pie (2) 10/21/2012  11:49:42 PM
Logic Cubed
Pretty dang easy (3) 10/22/2012  12:04:08 AM
Wheel of Fortune
Moderate (5) 10/22/2012  12:17:36 AM
Profiling Pieces
Functioning brain required (4) 10/22/2012  12:23:28 AM
Poking Around IV
Pretty dang easy (3) 10/22/2012  12:27:12 AM
The tools are out there
Pretty dang easy (3) 10/22/2012  12:32:11 AM
Thin Air
Functioning brain required (4) 10/22/2012  12:34:34 AM
Play Fair!
Pretty dang easy (3) 10/22/2012  07:48:48 AM
Cartoon Arithmetic
Functioning brain required (4) 10/22/2012  08:09:28 AM
Message for you sir!
Functioning brain required (4) 10/22/2012  08:22:06 AM
Return to sender
Easy as pie (2) 10/22/2012  08:24:35 AM
Real Men of Genius I
Pretty dang easy (3) 10/22/2012  08:26:17 AM
Real Men of Genius II
Functioning brain required (4) 10/22/2012  08:29:34 AM
Calculating the Combination
Pretty dang easy (3) 10/22/2012  08:32:42 AM
Oink Oink
Pretty dang easy (3) 10/22/2012  08:37:30 AM
New wave gibberish
Easy as pie (2) 10/22/2012  08:40:33 AM
Score : 101 points 28.53% complete

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What's that say? I
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What's that say? III
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I came, I saw, I encrypted
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5 hackers solved 49 challenges this week
Malformed by saiwa
Crackerjack Encryption by gh0std4ncer
I came, I saw, I encrypted by gh0std4ncer
New wave gibberish by gh0std4ncer
What's that say? II by gh0std4ncer
What's that say? III by gh0std4ncer
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Return to sender by gh0std4ncer
Message for you sir! by saiwa
Mixing up the classics by saiwa
What goes there? by DrBakerCandlestickMaker
More classical review by saiwa
What's that say? I by DrBakerCandlestickMaker
New wave gibberish by saiwa
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Oink Oink by saiwa
On the fence by saiwa
Julius's Key by gh0std4ncer
Parse it fast by saiwa
Pass, Fail or Skipped? by saiwa
Pin-up Steganography by saiwa
Pin-up Steganography II by saiwa
Malformed by maf-ia
Play Fair! by saiwa
Poking Around I by saiwa
Poking Around II by saiwa
Poking Around III by saiwa
Poking Around IV by saiwa
Poking Around V by saiwa
Poking Around VI by saiwa
Profiling Pieces by saiwa
Real Men of Genius I by saiwa
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A different method by simpl3x
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Return to sender by saiwa
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Hop Skip and Jump by saiwa
Rumplestiltskin by saiwa
Speak up by saiwa
Templar Decoder Ring by saiwa

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