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Core site content not related to challenges I either developed myself, or snagged off the internet. Like most coders, I feel no need to reinvent the wheel unnecessarily. I like to code, and I like figuring out how to make things work, but there is only so much time in the day. Sadly, I have to manage my time, and only code the things that haven't been done before, or don't meet the requirements I've set. (Very interesting wheels I usually wind up coding. I'm pretty easily distracted by fascinating problems.)

This page has been developed to credit those from whom I've "borrowed". Credits for challenges that come from other places are detailed after you complete the challenge so as to not make things too easy.

Googilly Animated Eyeballz

I originally started using the animated spooky eyes over 12 years ago. I've used this image on multiple web sites as well as a personal avatar for most of this time. I did NOT create the image myself. (I have edited it many times to make the eyeballs do interesting things like wink.) I did code up my "Spooky Fader" javascript to make the eyes fade in and out using pieces found from here.

I'm pretty sure the image is in the public domain, as I've seen the eyeballs used in lots of other places over the years.

Taunt Image

The whole "Fail" movement cracks me up beyond belief. Pretty sure I found my taunt image by searching for "Funny Computer Fail" or something similar in Google Image search.

404 Page Content

If you've not hit my 404 yet, here ya go.   I've seen the 404 haiku used on the web before and loved it. I basically searched google for "404 haiku" and wound up here. In order to randomize the quote generation so you only see one on the page, I snagged your "typical" javascript quotation generator from Code Lifter.

The images are the results of more searches for the word "Fail". I'm sure I'll add more as I come across them.

Have a great Fail you think I'd like to use? Let me know.


While I can handle the translation locally using a couple of CustomTags I've developed, I'm not happy with it yet. For now, I've been using Google Translate. It's a pain to style the widget, but as you can see (unless you are using Internet Explorer), it can be done.

Challenge Site Linkages

The "Additional Challenge Sites" linkage on the left hand navigation is pulled dynamically from the list of linked sites maintained at WeChall (using their provided API). Since I don't want to slam their server every time I refresh one of my pages (and have Kender yell at me), I store the entire array in the application scope and refresh it every day or so. (Page paints faster this way as well.)

Beta Testing

While the games are beta tested daily as visitors play them, I should definitely mention a few folks that have gone above and beyond to help me guarantee playability on the challenges. This list will grow with time I'm sure. :-)

Those whom I've forgotten

While I've certainly made an effort, it's completely possible I've forgotten some person, place or thing that I owe some credit to. Honestly, I'm a hell of a lot older than I like to admit nowadays, and this kind of crap seems to happen to me more and more. SO, if you deserve credit for something on my site, or if you know someone who does, please let me know so I can update this page accordingly. I have no desire to steal. (Well... I mean... not without saying "I stole it from here" at least...)

There are currently 90 challenges, with a maximum possible value of 354 points.

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