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There are currently 90 challenges, with a maximum possible value of 354 points.

New Challenges
Unusual Translation
Hashed II
Beep Beep
JSON and the Argonauts III
JSON and the Argonauts II
JSON and the Argonauts I

Most Popular Challenges
What's that say? I
Computer Talk
A curious escape
What's that say? III
Base 8^2
I came, I saw, I encrypted
What goes there?

3 hackers solved 21 challenges this week
A curious escape by kokotchY
Base 8^2 by kokotchY
A different method by kokotchY
Calculate quickly by kokotchY
Calculating the Combination by kokotchY
Classic Cipher Play I by kokotchY
Computer Talk by kokotchY
Digging Deeper by kokotchY
I came, I saw, I encrypted by kokotchY
Javascript Entertainment by kokotchY
Julius's Key by kokotchY
On the fence by kokotchY
Parse it fast by kokotchY
Poking Around I by kokotchY
Poking Around II by kokotchY
Poking Around IV by kokotchY
Speak up by kokotchY
The tools are out there by kokotchY
What goes there? by kokotchY
Craptcha V by Ne0Lux-C1Ph3r
What's that say? III by WildChild

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